Start with the End in Mind  

These images are the results of a team effort on the part of those that I have worked with over the years and those that have trained me. I owe a great deal to those who surround me and encourage me to be the best that I can for my patients.

Frank Lozano DMD, MS

Oral Hygiene is essential and our dedicated team of hygienists are truly amazing.

Trauma to the teeth is relatively rare, but when it does occur we do all we can to restore life and vitality to patients' appearance.

Our specialty training in dental implant reconstruction allows us to provide the best in outcomes for patients.  When proper planing and execution are done, excellent outcomes are possible.

Dental Tartar  can build up on teeth causing irritated red gums that can get infected. Bone loss after that can result in missing teeth.  Regular cleaning by a Hygienist can help stop this process. 

Dental implants have opened up new frontiers for many patients to allow for excellent aesthetic outcomes and long term health.

The shape of the teeth makes a huge difference in the aesthetics of a smile. We love making improvements here for our patients.